Zenthor, The God of Light- The Creator of The Overworld (Controlled by GFarmor)

Zenthor is the creator of The Overworld and The World of Zenthia. He created the world of Zenthia as a young God. It is unknown how he came to be. All that is known is that he was much younger when he made the Overworld. The main realm in which people are on. His appearence is a caucasion male with pure white eyes. His hair and beard are white as well, along with his robe. He wears gold accessories with mysterious bright blue jewels. He only rules the Overworld, and is known as being a merciful and gracious god. He is not afraid to give gifts to loyal followers and he will only show himself to the loyalest of followers.

His known powers consist of his ability to control lightning and cause thunder. He can also cause the ground beneath ones self to explode. He can summon creatures and form blocks out of nothing due to being the creator of the Overworld. These are his only known powers as of now.

He only has powers of the Overworld. As of now, there are no other realms beside that.


He, who is named Zenthor, created the World of Zenthia. For it is named after him, and forever this shall be. As a young God, he first created the Sun. The bright sphere in the sky glowed brilliantly; full of power and light. He then wish for there to be something in which the sun could care for, as the sun was lonely. He then made Zenthia. Otherwise known as The Overworld. He created the dirt, then the plants, then finally creatures. The sun filled the world with light, and soon, the world was full with life. But then, as Zenthor rested under a tree near a lake whilst eating a golden apple, a loud boom was heard through Zenthia. Zenthor was unimpressed and not curious, as he thought it was merely a quake a tree that fell.

But, suddenly, the sun began to move. He was curious. "For what reason do you have to move?" He thought to himself, so he waited. After the Sun fell to the horizon, another, mysterious body came from the other horizon. It was infact bright, but not nearly as bright as his Sun. It was as if the sun extinguished and became an undead version of itself. Zenthor, shocked, investigated the land. He then noticed as various creatures he had not created grew from the ground. Creatures similar to himself rose from the earth he had made, but they appeared dead. Mutants then formed as well, with green bodies and black spots. He, being a curious God, waited. Days passed, and nights came again, always chasing the sun. Soon, the bodies that resembled him, became skeletons.

Feeling sorry for such beings, he bestowed bows to them in hope to help them regain their formal appearance but it was no use, they were forever like that once changed. He yelled to his sky, "For who has done this. Who has created the unliving sun? Who has created the unliving beings?" The only response he received was a low rumble underneath the Overworld. He simply smiled, and said to himself, "I am not alone."

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